The Compensation Fund was established for members of the educational institution in private schools in 1951. It has a civil personality and financial and administrative independence.

The Fund shall pay end of service indemnities and the management of the pension fund for the entrants to the owners.

Affiliation to the Compensation Fund is judgmental and mandatory.

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From deductions:

    Of the monthly salary of the members of the educational staff entering the owners by 6%

    Of the contribution of the school by 6% of the total salaries of members of the teaching staff entering the owners

And assistance annually monitored in the budget of the Ministry of National Education to complete the calculation of compensation.

Who pays the deductions deducted monthly from the salary to the Compensation Fund?

The administration of the school is responsible for deducting the discounts and paying them to the management of the fund once every three months in the first half of each month of January, April, November, and November of the year according to a detailed statement according to a special form containing the name of the owner and his monthly salary and deductions deducted from the salary signed Of the stakeholders and certified by the head of the school.

Incorrect or contrary statements expose the school administration to the penalties provided for in articles 461, 462 et seq. Of the Penal Code.

 Board of Directors:

The administration of the Fund shall be governed by a Council appointed by a decree to be taken by the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Minister of Education and Higher Education for a period of 3 years renewable.

- Director General of Education as President

- A representative of the Ministry of Justice as a member

(Four representatives of the owners of private schools) selected by the ten most-paid beneficiaries in the three years preceding the appointment under a report by the Fund's management for this purpose

Four representatives of the educational staff in private schools chosen by the Council of the Bar Association

Functions of the Board of Directors

The Board shall supervise the administration of the Fund and in particular the following matters:

    Establish IFAD staff and approve its rules of procedure

    Monitor the work of the manager and the accountant

    Recruiting Fund Funds

    Ratification of the annual budget

    Studied all cases related to compensation for discharge from service in accordance with the provisions of this law and taking decisions thereon

Internal structure of the Fund:

The fund is managed by a manager assisted by an accountant and the necessary number of employees.

(Internal staff and management structure)

 Educational staff in private schools

Who is entitled to enter the owners and when?

The category of entrants includes teachers who meet the conditions of appointment to the owners and who have completed their training period (two years). These are proven and registered in the Compensation Fund.

What are the terms of appointment for owners?

The conditions of the educational body in the public schools (except for the police officer and the exam):

    To be a Lebanese teacher (s) completed (18) years of age (a)

    Of the Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent, or of the technical baccalaureate holders - the competence of a baccalaureate, university degree, or technical excellence - the specialization of a baccalaureate, educational leave or a qualification certificate for secondary education.

What are the categories of owners?

The faculty consists of four categories:

- Children's Mistakes

- Teachers, they teach in primary school or kindergarten or both.

- Teachers, they teach in primary or middle school or both.

- Secondary education teachers, who are taught at the intermediate or secondary level or both.

How are the members of the teaching staff classified?

In the course of two or more years of the exercise, the school shall send a special statement (or affidavit) to the compensation fund specifying the teacher / teacher's time and, according to the certificate, the class and grade shall be determined by the salary series issued by Law No. 593 dated 28/12/1996. The classification is as follows:

Baccalaureate, First, 640,000 LL

Technical baccalaureate / university degree. Sixth, 785.000 LL

Technical Excellence. eleven, 948.000 LL

Educational leave, Fifteenth, 1.088.000 LL

Efficiency, Sixteenth ,1.130.000 LL

Exchange compensation:

Who is entitled to receive compensation from the Compensation Fund?

 The Fund shall pay compensation for the discharge of the service to the Lebanese educational personnel who enter the company in the cases provided for in Article 31:

    Legal age (64 years). In such a case, the teacher / teacher shall be entitled to the end of service indemnity paid by the Compensation Fund to the in-apprentices and borne b